Our Stay at the Delta Riviera Nayarit All Inclusive Resort

Delta Riviera Nayarit All Inclusive Resort

If you’re looking for a quieter and more relaxed all inclusive in Mexico, this might be the place for you!

Our Stay at the Delta Riviera Nayarit All Inclusive Resort

Last week my husband and I snuck away for a week to Mexico – without the kids! It was kind of last minute (booked 3.5 weeks before we departed) while we were in the thick of the winter blues. We were tired, feeling burnt out and in need for a little time out from life. Originally, we planned to visit Las Vegas for a few nights but after doing the math, staying at an all inclusive resort in Mexico was money better spent.

I hopped onto Expedia, plugged in our dates and wanted to find something that looked tranquil and still checked most of the boxes I wanted out of a resort. Somewhere that would encourage a slower pace, a beautiful vibe and possibly more geared towards adults but not necessarily an adults only spot.

Up popped the Delta Rivera Nayarit Resort which is nestled up in the hills and surrounded by beautiful foliage (most of which was just starting to bloom as its only April!) and I immediately fell in love with the beautifully decorated resort. The resort is full of trees and tropical plants. The lizards and iguanas are a sight to see as well as the beautiful birds and their songs (especially just before the sun rises!). Needless to say, we booked straight away!

A little hot tip for anyone travelling from Kelowna to Puerto Vallarta: there are direct flights from the Kelowna airport on Mondays! Unfortunately those do book up quickly so didn’t get on one (LOL) but we managed a quick flight to Vancouver before catching the plane to PV which took no time at all.

How To Get There From the PV Airport

I highly recommend using an Uber to get you from the airport to the resort as it was quick and affordable (about $30CAD). The trip is roughly 30 minutes and at first you’ll be wondering if you’re actually going to the right place. Because the resort is tucked away, you do pass some farm land and industrial businesses before arriving at the entrance to the resort.

The Feel of the Resort

If you’re looking for a quiet and relaxing resort, this is the place. It was the slow and tranquil atmosphere we were looking for on this couples trip. You likely won’t find bachelor/ette parties here as the pool bar opens at noon and there is no night club. The pools for this time of year were relatively empty considering they said they were pretty full. We never had to make a mad dash for beach chairs in the morning and almost all guests were also there to have a relaxing time. It is kid friendly though they may get bored with no kids club activities during the day. This resort is not near the beach so you have to take a shuttle there (only 10 mins) that is complimentary. It didn’t matter to us that we were not by the beach as we wanted to just lounge by a pool and be near our hotel.

The Pros

  • beautiful scenery & common areas
  • bar at the lobby was excellent
  • multiple pools that were 2 different temperatures (cold & lukewarm) – which is awesome for when it’s really hot and when the sun sets
  • multiple hot tubs
  • kids waterpark area
  • pools close at 7
  • lunch restaurant had vegan options (roasted cauli wings, nachos, hummus & mushroom burger)
  • entertainment only on weekends
  • nice gym with multiple machines
  • outdoor movie nights (great for kids)
  • evening taco truck (with popcorn & vegan chicharron)
  • clean rooms – highly recommend getting a room in building 5 (it’s the newest)
  • teppanyaki restaurant was delicious and accommodated vegan diet (they would prepare ours first so not to cross contaminate with eggs and meat and we got some delicious tofu!)
  • lots of locals visiting the resort vs international tourists

The Cons

  • seemed to be short staffed
  • the food at the buffet (available at breakfast & dinner) was incredibly lacking for vegans- what they did have: soy milk, corn flakes, white & brown bread, fresh cut fruit, cold soft tofu, occasionally vegan friendly beans and stewed veggies and dinner was essentially the same, the quality of the cooked food was not great (ie. roasted potatoes were always undercooked)
  • can only book teppanyaki dinner once during your stay (we changed rooms halfway through our trip so we scored 2 as it’s based on your room number)
  • the beach area is lacklustre, though we were told the restaurant and bar were good (we didn’t stay long)
  • there is only 1 bar for the pools and no table service to clean up
  • spa was pricey
  • no Latin music and the same playlist on repeat during the entire trip
Delta Riviera Nayarit All Inclusive Resort

Final Takeaways

As a vegan it will always be a different experience for us as food options don’t come readily available. If they made improvements to their menu and the above cons in relation to food, we’d definitely go back! If you’re an omnivore, you’ll probably be happy with all the food offerings! It really is a beautiful resort and the perfect place to relax.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment or send a message over on Instagram!

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